Sue Moerder
Rone Del Galeone
Grew up in the lovely land of Media, Pa. 
My first drawings were of Princesses when I was 4. In Pencil.... hahahahh!
Honed skills copying the starlets of Hollywood, crossed legged bending forward for hours.... I am entranced with people and animals. I like to capture a moment in between.  

In the past year I have experienced an uptick in creativity which has resulted over 100 paintings.  

It is worth repeating that Art is the best gift .

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Went to College for Illustration, 
ended up in Advertising forever, then Tattooing for over 14 years, with my own shop/playground for the last 5.

I love Tattooing but I started messing with skulls and this started happening. 

I think its the result of a lifetime of getting beaten down creatively by people that don't know what they're talking about but love to tell me what 
to do.

Now I can do what I want - play with bones and rusty shit and I'm not right or wrong... just making Art... and no one is telling me what to do... except for the skulls.

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